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Associate Membership Application

Associate memberships are available to individuals and businesses providing goods and services to rental property owners.We encourage all landlords to do business with our Associate Members as they are helping to support our organization. Let our Associate members know that you found them through the GLA Associate member directory to help strengthen our organization and ensure that you get high quality goods and services to support your real estate endeavors.

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Name: ________________________________________________________________


Business Name: _________________________________________________________


Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________


City: ____________________________ State: ________________   Zip: ____________


Phone: Home: _________________Work:________________Fax: ________________


Email: ___________________________________________


Type of Business: _____________________________________


Products or Services Offered: ___________________________________________________________


Annual dues for Associate Members are $100.00 

Checks should be made payable to the Greensboro Landlords Association, Inc., and mailed to the following address along with the completed application.

Greensboro Landlords Association, Inc.
Attn: Associate Membership

P.O. Box 5574
Greensboro, NC 27435

I, the undersigned, hereby request associate membership in the Greensboro Landlords Association, Inc., Inc..  I understand that all associate memberships are subject to approval.  I hereby authorize the publication of the name and address of my firm (or my individual name) in the membership directories.  I understand that associate members are non-voting members.


Signature: ______________________________  Date: ____/____/______ Position: _______________________________